About us

GreenPork Ltd. operates on behalf of Austrian farmers, meat processing companies and restarateurs in order to ensure the existence of our farms and enterprises for future generations.


Due to overproduction of neighbouring and third countries, the Austrian agriculture and its products have come under pressure. It is, therefore, a necessity to counteract this development by joining farmers and meat processing companies to clearly differentiate themselves from the aforementioned mass inlow. Aiming at all that, GreenPork Ltd. developed a concept on how farmers can establish high-quality, sunstainable and innovative products for a future market. The main focus, therefore, lies on consumers acknowledging the significant added benefit, and subsequently, a creation and guarantee of value from producers to marketers.


  • Fodder purchase
    special products
  • Logistic of slurry
  • Logistic of vinasse
  • Services
    washing- & cleansing stabling/temporary worker
  • Pig fattening
    Lease/Purchase, Rewarding Mast

Our Team


We gladely provide you with detailed personal, free and nonbinding information about our services and their resulting savings for you and your enterprise. Feel welcome to send us an email including your contact details and we will immediately contact you: info@greenpork.at. Our team will be pleased to inform about existing opportunities and potentials.

GreenPork Ltd.
Wolfsberg 183b
A-8421 Schwarzautal

Martin Tatzl, MSc

Managing Director GreenPork Ltd.